Meet Innova

An innovative new-age cryptocurrency.
At Innova we strive for innovation and adoption!
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Innova is cryptocurrency for everyday use.

Use Innova to make private, high-speed transactions anywhere in the world. With built-in features you can notarize digital files using "Proof-of-Data" or send encrypted messages on Innova network.

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Lightning fast

With 15s block time, transactions are lightning fast, making confirmations almost instant and payments processed quickly.

Private and Secure

Innova is stable and secure blockchain based on Bitcoin, featuring Stealth addresses and Encrypted messaging.

Proof of Data

Innova allows you to notarize your digital files by storing an immutable proof of data on blockchain.

Energy Efficient

Innova blockchain is developed for energy efficient transactions using Proof-of-Stake and hybrid Collateral Nodes (Masternodes).


Download your wallet here.
Always download wallets from our Github repository!


View our progress and upcoming features we are working on!
Our milestones will be constantly updated to keep the community aware of our target and vision.

Q4 2019

  • New website launch
  • New blockchain launch
  • Swap to new blockchain

Q1 2020

  • Add Burn RPC Command
  • Whitepaper v1.0

Q2 2020

  • WooCommerce e-commerce plugin
  • Burn Leftover SWAP Coins
  • Innova on SnapCraft App Store

Q3 2020

  • Coin Market Cap Update
  • Coin Gecko Update
  • CoinLore Listing

Q4 2020

  • Add Burn System
  • Innova Host LLC Creation
  • Acquisition of Investor

Q1 2021

  • ProBit Listing | Business
  • ProBit Trade Competition | Business
  • Innova v4.3.8.9 Release | Blockchain
  • Apply InnovaPay Plugin for Wordpress plugin store | Blockchain

Q2 2021

  • Innova Chain Tools | Blockchain>
  • ...

Q3 2021

  • Foundation for the InnovaPay | Blockchain>
  • ...

Q4 2021

  • Innova-Foundation Inc. Creation>
  • ...

Q1 2022

  • Innova v4.3.9.1 Release | Blockchain
  • Desktop Client Tool - InnoVault | BlockchainIn progress
  • Whitepaper v2.0 | Blockchain & BusinessIn progress
  • Initiate Domains Sales | BusinessIn progress
  • ...

Q2 2022

  • Wrapped Innova | BlockchainIn progress
  • InnoVault Mobile Wallet | BlockchainIn progress
  • New Exchange | SushiSwapIn progress
  • ...

Q3 2022

  • New Exchange | UniSwapIn progress
  • wINN LP Staking System | BlockchainIn progress
  • ...


We are in constant search of adding Innova to new exchanges!
You can trade Innova on following exchanges:
If you wish to donate, and help us with funding for future exchanges, you can do it by sending BTC to the following addresses:

BTC address: 38vkof68QpRRtytRHFhD3vNph3GtWuuDNq